Washington urges Russia to ‘quickly’ implement Ukrainian grain deal

Washington urges Russia to ‘quickly’ implement Ukrainian grain deal

The United States wants to “prevent the most vulnerable people in the world from sinking into deeper insecurity and malnutrition”.

An agreement was signed by Russia and Ukraine in kyiv on July 22. OZAN KOSE / AFP

The United States on Friday called on Russia to “quickly” implement the agreement on the export of Ukrainian grain via the Black Sea, signed by kyiv and Moscow in Istanbul.

“We expect the implementation of today’s arrangement to begin quickly to prevent the world’s most vulnerable people from descending into deeper insecurity and malnutrition,” a spokesperson said. the White House, John Kirby, to the press. “We hope this changes the game but we remain lucid,” he added.

“It is now up to Russia to concretely implement this agreement. But it is very well structured in terms of surveillance and in terms of the channels through which the cereals should be able to leave”, also welcomed Friday the number 3 of the American diplomacy, Victoria Nuland, who spoke at the Forum on the security of ‘Aspen. The diplomat said Russia had an obligation to act after its invasion of major grain-exporting Ukraine sent food prices skyrocketing in developing countries, particularly in Africa, where Moscow had hoped to garner support against the united front of Western powers.

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