War in Ukraine: Olaf Scholz wants Germany to take “special responsibility” in military aid

War in Ukraine: Olaf Scholz wants Germany to take “special responsibility” in military aid

The German chancellor says he wants to modernize the Ukrainian forces, in particular by improving artillery and air defenses.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz giving a lecture at Charles University in Prague. DAVID W CERNY / REUTERS

Olaf Scholz said on Monday August 29 that he wanted Germany to take “special responsibility” to help Ukraine strengthen its artillery and air defense systems, promising that Berlin would maintain its support for kyiv “as long as it will have to”.
The idea of ​​the German Chancellor, developed during a speech in Prague, is that the West should establish a “reliable and long-term division of labour” concerning military support for Ukraine.

In this context, Olaf Scholz said he could “imagine that Germany assumes a particular responsibility in terms of strengthening Ukraine’s artillery and air defense capabilities”. “Our goal is to have modern Ukrainian armed forces capable of sustainably defending their country,” he insisted, calling for more “planning and coordination” between the allies.

The German Chancellor, who is regularly the target of criticism for the supposed timidity of his country’s arms deliveries to Ukraine, recently indicated that Berlin would deliver around 500 million euros of new armaments to kyiv, including Iris-T air defense systems. “We will maintain this support, reliably and above all, for as long as it takes,” Scholz said, assuring that this also applies to the reconstruction of Ukraine “which will be an effort of several generations”.

A conference of experts on the reconstruction of Ukraine, in which the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is to take part in particular, will be held on October 25 in Berlin.


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