US governor visits Taiwan

US governor visits Taiwan

Eric Holcomb spoke on Monday August 22 with the President of Taiwan. A visit officially dedicated to economic issues.

Eric Holcomb HANDOUT / AFP

An American governor met the president of Taiwan on Monday, August 22, several days after Washington announced trade negotiations with Taipei and in a context of heightened tensions with China over sovereignty over the island.

Eric Holcomb, the Republican governor of the US state of Indiana, landed in Taiwan on Sunday for a trip officially devoted largely to economic issues. He spoke on Monday with President Tsai Ing-wen, who opening the meeting in front of the media made direct reference to the military exercises carried out by Beijing and called on “the (democracies) allies” to “unite and strengthen their cooperation in all fields” in the face of “the expansion of authoritarianism” throughout the world.

The United States and Taiwan “share many interests, common values ​​and goals (…). We will continue to seek to build a strategic partnership with you,” said the American governor. Eric Holcomb is expected to meet with representatives of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry, a world leader in the field, before heading to South Korea on Wednesday.

Tensions between the United States and China have been running high since Chinese authorities viewed a visit to the island in early August by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi as a provocation. Beijing responded by imposing trade sanctions on Taiwan and with unprecedented exercises in the air and waters of the Taiwan Strait. Beijing, which claims sovereignty over Taiwan and has promised to regain it one day, by force if necessary, is irritated at each diplomatic act advancing towards official recognition of the island.


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