Canada: several victims after shootings near Vancouver

Canada: several victims after shootings near Vancouver

A suspect was arrested and taken into custody. He may have deliberately targeted the homeless, according to Canadian media.

“Several victims” were counted Monday, July 25 in the center of a city in western Canada after “several shootings”, announced the police, who apprehended a suspect. “There were multiple victims and multiple shootings,” Rebecca Parslow, spokeswoman for the Canadian police in Langley, near Vancouver, told AFP, who did not say whether the victims had died. “A man is in custody,” she added, adding that the police were trying to find out if other suspects were involved.

According to Canadian media, the man may have deliberately targeted homeless people in the city. An alert message had been broadcast, around 6:15 a.m. local time (3:15 p.m. in France) to the population, mentioning “several crime scenes in the city center of Langley”, a city of 130,000 inhabitants located about forty kilometers south- east of Vancouver, British Columbia. The authorities indicated in this message to have had an “interaction with a suspect without knowing for the moment if others were involved”.

A second alert was sent an hour later explaining that the suspect “was no longer a threat” and again asking the public to stay away. The initial alert message described a Caucasian man, with dark hair, wearing a brown jumpsuit and a blue and green t-shirt with a red logo on the right sleeve.

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